The Gods

The Gods of the Realms

The Gods, also known as the Asgardians (regardless of whether they dwell there), are the oldest beings in the cosmos. It is by their hand that the worlds were shaped, though through what powers that was accomplished, no one living still knows.

Roth, Steward of Earth

Domains: Earth, Nature
Alignment: Neutral
Races: Dwarves, Shifters
Favored Weapon: Staff

Roth is said to be the creator of Druids, and is prayed to by Druids for wisdom and serenity. His are the rock and the tree, the hare and the wolf. He shaped the mountains and the plains, and all that goes or grows on the giving ground of Midgard found their beginning by his hand. Neither overly coddling nor spitefully vindictive, Roth simply is. His is the way of nature, of survival of the fittest. From Roth sprang both the nurturing of the mother hen, and the viciousness of the wolf pack. For this reason, Roth is widely worshiped by Druids and others who revere nature.

Avelina, Stewardess of Water

Domains: Water, Sea, Travel
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Races: Lizardfolk, Yuan-ti
Favored Weapon: Cutlass

Avelina is the maker of the seas, the lakes, the rivers, and all that live in them. Said to be the wife of Lucien, Steward of Life, Avelina knows all that swims in the deep. Hers are the capricious squalls that rock the oceans and the seas, and hers are both the gentle brooks and the roaring rapids. She is worshiped as a goddess of travel, for whether you glide over a river, crest the waves of the ocean, or walk the dunes of a desert, water is life in all the travels of mortal kinds.

Zephidel, Steward of Air

Domains: Air, Music
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Races: Humans, Drakes
Favored Weapon: Longbow

Zephidel is the Steward of Air, architect of the storms that sweep over plain and mountain. It is said he is the one that sang the first notes of music, and indeed spoke the first words ever uttered in any realm. The birds of the air are his, and any time someone makes a rhyme or hums a bar, they both owe and pay homage to the Steward of Air. Zephidel is worshiped wherever one wishes to bring revelry or perfect the craft of their music.

Aurora, Stewardess of Fire

Domains: Fire, Destruction
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Races: Genasi
Favored Weapon: Greatsword

Aurora is the Stewardess of Fire. Giver of flames and maker of the volcanoes and deep, hot places of Midgard, she was not gifted with the gift of creation, but of destruction. The closest she has come to creating a race is the Genasi, not creating, but instead infusing existing members of other races with elemental energy; usually fire. What little doctrine exists for Aurora states that in every cycle, destruction must exist. Some things are unfit to continue existing; for those things, fire is the best approach. Those who follow Aurora are sworn to destruction as their highest goal, but they are kept within strict boundaries that dictate whom they may destroy; for every fire must be kept contained, lest it rage and destroy that which is undeserving of death.

Martyn, Steward of Light

Domains: Light, Truth
Alignment: Lawful Good
Races: Aasimar, Elves

Martyn is said to be the first Steward to awaken to the empty void of the universe. It is said that he kindled the sun and stars, and brought light to the worlds. As the light reveals, Martyn’s chosen domain is truth. Martyn extols learning and made the naturally curious Elves with this in mind. All mysteries in the universe have an answer; Martyn knows them all. Those who wish to learn the secrets of the universe, of magic, of the depths of the hearts and minds of mortals and gods alike, turn to Martyn as their patron. Those who seek truth in their careers and discharge of their duty, such as judges, lawyers and detectives, also honor Martyn.

Tristram, Steward of Shadow

Domains: Darkness, Things Hidden
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Races: Drow

Tristram is said to be the second Steward to awaken, shortly after Martyn. He swathed those things he desired kept secret from the light of the sun and stars, much to Martyn’s dismay. While Tristram is not the patron of lies, per se, he is the paragon of those things which remain hidden, whether they be mysteries, deceit, or something deeper. Those who would conceal dangerous knowledge, those who rely on or appreciate trickery, and those who themselves must hide from the world often worship Tristram.

Lucien, Steward of Life

Domains: Life, Joy, Love
Alignment: Good
Races: All Sentient

While each god crafted and shaped the forms and minds of their individual races, Lucien, god of Life, is the one that breathed into each the spark that made them sentient. As such he is the patron of all who think and reason, who feel true, deep love and joy. His is the way of healing, of restoring what is lost, and of caring and compassion for the destitute and the broken.

Absalon, Steward of Death

Domains: Death, Silence, Peace
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Races: None

Absalon is the god of the dead. He rules over the underworld, seeing that the wicked are punished, and the good rewarded, in their afterlives. While Absalon is not uncaring, he focuses his efforts on the Underworld; the living have seven Stewards and a slew of Gods to look after them; they do not require his attention.

Isaac the Falcon

Domains: Trickery, Community
Alignment: Good
Favored Weapon: Dagger

Most times, the law is a shield against the wicked, used for redress of harm wrongfully caused. Sometimes, however, the law in the wrong hands can become a shackle to restrain and defraud the innocent. Whenever the latter occurs, the Order of the Falcon, the clergy of the Drow God Isaac the Falcon, stand ready to break the shackles. They operate in the shadows, sometimes outside the bounds of the law, sometimes within them, but always to protect the innocent from abuse. Isaac himself is a compassionate god, but has a core of steel; once he and his followers have identified a threat, mercy leaves their repertoire until the job is finished.

Serena the Wise

Domains: Wisdom, Elders
Alignment: Good
Favored Weapon: Warhammer

Serena the Wise, daughter of Absalon, is one of the oldest Gods still active in Midgard. She is possessed of great wisdom, and her insight is often sought by rulers and those upon whom great burdens of authority or duty have been placed. Her clergy can often be found in positions as advisers and councilors to those who require great wisdom. They promote respect for the old, for wisdom often comes hand in hand with age.

Karenna, the Shield of Heaven

Domains: Healing, Protection
Alignment: Lawful Good
Favored Weapon: Shield

Daughter of Martyn, Karenna, the Shield of Heaven is a goddess of healing and protection. She is kind and forgiving, and believes in destroying only as a last resort. Her knights, however, do not shy away from combat, and regularly wade into battle, putting themselves in danger for even the barest chance of saving an innocent. Though her icons depict her in armor with a sword and shield, Karenna’s paradigm is peace and healing.

Malura the Lady of Fortune

Domains: The Moon, Peace, Luck
Alignment: Good
Favored Weapon: None

Daughter of Tristram, Malura is the goddess of the moon and of good fortune. She is widely worshiped by those wishing safe delivery of children, fortuitous harvests, and profitable gambling. Also a goddess of peace, Malura abhors violence. Her most devout followers always seem to find ways to avoid conflict, even when it seems inevitable.

Mishael, God of Sacrifice

Domains: Duty, Sacrifice
Alignment: Lawful Good
Favored Weapon: Scimitar

Son of Absalon and Aurora, Mishael is the god of an ancient sect known as the Forsaken. They give up their mortal ties and devote their lives toward a single goal, in pursuit of Mishael’s blessing and the furtherance of their goal. Mishael does not simply accept all comers who are willing to sacrifice for their goals, however. He extols self sacrifice for the furtherance of a goal, usually a goal that the one sacrificing will not live to see fulfilled. Wherever a mortal is selfless enough to give up something he holds dear for the good of another, he honors Mishael.

Ankhariel, God of Love

Domains: Love, Family
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favored Weapon: Unarmed

Child of Martyn and Lucien, Ankhariel is a god of love of all forms; family, comradeship, romance, and more. Forgiveness and reconciliation are at the forefront of his goals for his followers. Many weddings are performed in his name, and his blessing is given to those who are in love.

Bandus, God of Bloodshed

Domains: Blood, Murder
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Favored Weapon: Spear

Bandus is the god of murder, worshiped by strongarms and assassins. He delights in death, the bloodier the better. Many assassins’ guilds worship him exclusively, and receive dark, twisted powers in return. He is widely worshiped by the barbarian tribes to the south, and delights as much in the assassin’s blade as he does in the sword bloodied on the field of battle. Many who are desperate for quick power may find that Bandus’s price is quite small compared to the boons of other gods… All one must do is shed a little blood; it need not be theirs.

Lolth, Queen of Spiders

Domains: Spiders, Drow
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Favored Weapon: Curved Dagger

Lolth is a goddess of chaos and the gloom of the Underdark. Worshiped by the Drow theocracies beneath the surface of the world, she “blesses” her favored with half-spider forms, called Driders. She is exceptionally cruel, and hates the light of the sun, like most Drow.

Radrian, God of the Cleansing Fire

Domains: Fire, Light, Zeal
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favored Weapon: Morningstar

Radrian is the god of the Cleansing Fire, an order of witch hunters and warriors dedicated to seeking out and destroying evil wherever it is found. Often reviled for being overzealous and indiscriminate in their lethal brand of justice, the brothers of the Cleansing Fire still perform a valuable service by destroying undead, necromancers, and witches to keep the population safe.

The Cold Mother

Domains: Cold, Undead, Outcasts
Alignment: Neutral
Favored Weapon: Sickle

The Cold Mother is the goddess of Undead and outcasts. In her wintry embrace, all those shunned from their societies may find unconditional succor. The Cold Mother believes that all creatures have a right to exist, regardless of their goals, desires, and activities. Because of this, a rough brotherhood has formed among many sentient undead who worship her, regardless of their motivations.

Jaziin, Lady of Lust

Domains: Lust, Beauty, Desire
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favored Weapon: Whip

Jaziin is known to many as the Lady of Lust. When someone pines after a forbidden love, when they desire the pleasures of the flesh, when they need their mortal desires to be sated regardless of the morality of the situation, they often turn to Jaziin. Her priests have been known to supply love potions to the faithful, and her rites are said to consist of orgies featuring all manner of depraved acts. She has been known to provide blessings of fertility to her followers, both in body and for their crops and livestock, but it is often said among her priesthood that her worship is its own reward.

Uphrion, God of Ambition

Domains: Ambition, Greed
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Favored Weapon: Dagger

Uphrion is the god of ambition unbridled by petty inhibitions. When a politician wishes to rise through the ranks; when a man wishes to acquire untold wealth; when any mortal wants a leg up against any number of others, Uphrion stands, hand outstretched as if in offering, a smile on his face. Uphrion offers unfair advantages to his supplicants, and in return, they agree to facilitate further advantages for his favored once they obtain the power they crave. Uphrion cares not for things like loyalty and honor. After all, honor never earned anyone a solid gold bathtub.

Pharezon, God of Nightmares

Domains: Fear, Dreams
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Favored Weapon: Shortbow

Pharezon is typically worshiped with the aim of keeping him and his servants away. His marauders tear through the Shadow realm that touches the sleeping mind of every mortal, causing fear and havoc in their dreams. Those who wish to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies may call upon Pharezon’s nightmare army, if they have garnered sufficient favor from the dark god. The nightmares are said to flood through the shadow realm screaming like the souls of the damned. If one hears such screaming, it is best to turn back, for in their own realm, the nightmares reign supreme.

Telman, Guardian of the Dream

Domains: Dreams, Protection, Peace
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favored Weapon: Rapier

Telman is said to have been an ancient servant of Tristram, who later adopted his domain of the realm of dreams. He and his servants are warriors of the Shadow Realm that touches the sleeping mind of all mortal beings. They hunt the nightmares of Pharezon and those that occur naturally within the Shadowfell and occasionally prey upon the dreams of mortals. Those suffering from chonic nightmares, and those wishing to prevent the same for their loved ones, beseech the Dreamguard, Telman’s holy order, for protection.

The Gods

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