The World as We Know It

In the beginning…

Note: This world uses a modified Norse mythology for its deities. While other gods are in theory worshiped by the barbarian tribes to the south, where true civilization has not yet spread, the only true gods are the Asgardian ones.

Asgard is populated by The Gods and their children. In addition to Asgard, Midgard is where the mortals live, and the Underworld is where those same mortals go when they die.

These days, Midgard sees little of the Asgardians. They are widely worshiped in the Nalfrey Reach, the center of civilization and fabled birthplace of the first mortals, and while legends abound about the age of wonders in which the gods thundered upon Midgard and valkyries filled the skies above great battles, those days seem to be over. Clerics still perform miracles in the names of their patrons, but the hands of the gods have not been seem since time immemorial.

To the south, the Wild Lands are filled with all manner of intelligent life, some more friendly than others. There are far-off civilizations that trade rare goods with the people of the Nalfrey Reach, and no shortage of barbarians and bandits that live along the old roads.

The World as We Know It

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