Welcome to the Nalfrey Reach campaign.

If you’re unfamiliar with Obsidian Portal, don’t be intimidated. It’s essentially a wiki page for a DnD campaign. It’ll help me to keep track of characters and locations, as well as events and associations. This site will also serve as an information base for anyone looking to learn more about the world their characters live in.

It is into this world, in the central keep of Fallastead in the Korangar Spine of the Nalfrey Reach, that the players are introduced.

Your characters will start as simple folk. They have never heard of a bebilith or a beholder, except in distant legends too far flung and long ago to be accurate. Goblins and zombies are stories mothers tell their children to keep them indoors at night. The only combat they’ve seen is half-glimpsed scuffles between soldiers and the local wildlife, driven mad from eating too much blighted vegetation. There are whispers of abominations far more dangerous in the northern fetid lands, but they seem to keep to themselves, and the residents of the three keeps like it that way. They know neither weapon nor wizardry. Once in ten tries can the best of them manage a decent sword-thrust worthy of a soldier.

Out-of-character, it means this: For the first session (or two), you will have no class levels. Your characters have no experience in adventuring, or even defending themselves. For those familiar with the notion, you will be a Level 1 Commoner. For those familiar and not, follow the link for your instructions for Character Creation.

If you don’t know DnD 5e, Wizards of the Coast has been kind enough to release a set of free rules. Get them here. It’s not a substitute for the Player’s Handbook (which I will make available to you guys whenever I can), but it’s more than enough to get you to a level of understanding in the rules that you can play once you know what your character can do.

The Nalfrey Reach

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