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The World as We Know It


The Nalfrey Reach

The Nalfrey Reach: The birthplace of all mortal races, and the place closest to the hearts of the gods. The cradle of civilization, and the most advanced, cultured place in all of Midgard.

The Fetid Lands

A swampy morass of rot and twisted life, the Fetid Lands, or Fetid Wastes, threaten to consume all of the Nalfrey Reach… eventually. Someday. It’ll happen, seriously. Be afraid.

The Korangar Spine

The Korangar Spine: A frozen, inhospitable place that is said to be the site of an ancient war between deific powers. These days it is home to little more than the ever-encroaching Fetid Lands, a few million crazed animals, and the few people too poor or stubborn to move to greener pastures.

The Wild Lands

The lands of the untamed south, home to wild animals and wilder people. Somewhere across the gulf of land and sea to the south of the Nalfrey Reach, it’s said there are other peoples, other cultures. Sometimes ships with strange sails come in to prove it, offering wonderful wares that are unlike any the Reach has to offer.

Main Page

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